Nonfiction Wordy Writer

Nonfiction Wordy Writer

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Nonfiction Wordy Writer Organizer will allow you to outline two nonfiction novels. It doesn't matter if you are writing a stand-alone or a series, this organizer will come in handy with storing your key information in one place.


It includes:

  1. Objectives/Topics
  2. Short Synopsis
  3. Targeted Audience
  4. One Line Summary
  5. Table of contents
  6. Mind Map/brainstorm
  7. 20 chapter outlines



  • Product Info

    * 8.5x11
    * Coil Bound (Safe binding, smooth close, and will not fall apart)
    * Matte Polycover
    * 52 pages to outline two nonfiction bodies of work
    * Mind map/Brainstorm

    * Index notes

    * Permissions

    * References

  • Return & Refund Policy

    If for any reason the product does not meet your standards, you are entitled to a full refund as long as there are no marks within the organizer. Send an email with your customer information and concerns to wordywriterorganizer@gmailcom

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