Better Together

Better Together

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Character Vault + Ultimate Character Creation Guide

Creating three-dimensional characts is a must when writing a book. This combo will help you to do just that. With the Character Vault Organizer you can create up to 15 three-dimensional characters with the use of the Ultimate Character Creation Guide.


Inside the guide:

  1. List of Character physical descriptions
  2. List of Character Hobbies
  3. List of Character Flaws
  4. List of Character Habits
  5. List of Positive Character Traits
  6. List of Quirks
  7. 16-Personality Types
  8. Character Development Questions to ask
  9. Story Development Questions to ask
  10. Character Checklist
  11. 3 Act Structures
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  • Technical Specifications

    Character Vault Organizer

    • 8.5x11 size 
    • Coil Bound (Safe binding, smooth close, and will not fall apart)
    • Matte Polycover
    • 52 pgs
    • 15 character templates to flesh out three-dimensional characters

    Ultimate Character Creation Guide

    • 9-1/2” W x 11-3/4” H slash file jacket
    • 8.5X11 inch assorted cardstock pages
    • Total 17 pages
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